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Cameo Anderson

Diesel's Bucket List Pin || Cameo Anderson - Cassandra Severson

Diesel's Bucket List Pin || Cameo Anderson - Cassandra Severson

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Diesel is the "AmBassador" (basset hound and lab cross) for Severson Homestead. He also was diagnosed with cancer a few years back and only given months to live. But trying all kinds of alternative therapies under his vet's supervision, this dog has gotten years longer. He has a bucket list with lots of fun things on it and has managed to complete them all.

By fan request, he has a pin logo for sale. This is a 2" enamel pin with logos carved into the back of it.  If you are a Diesel fan, you can pick one up right here!


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Cameo lives in Michigan with her pack of rescue dogs and fosters. Creating art is her day job and helps her keep rescuing and fostering.

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