About Cameo Anderson


Cameo Anderson - Fine Artist

Cameo is the artist behind all the work on the website. Cameo is Me. The person typing this right now. The person hoping you will like my art enough to grab a print or blanket with my work on it to decorate your home.

I specialize in northern breed dogs (I was a pet portrait artist before starting this print business). I also like to paint wolves, polar bears, orcas, and everything else that lives under the glow of the northern lights.

My work is best described as visual poetry about my love for all things wild. Be prepared to feel another soul in the room with you should you hang one of my paintings in your home.


Adrian Michigan has about 22,000 people in it. I live across the street from one of many parks and just a couple blocks down from another two parks with a pond and a river. I love to walk my dogs in these places. I own a husky named Elsker. I also co-own with my sister 3 brown dogs of varying species that make up "My Strange Pack" Which you can find on tiktok, facebook, and instagram if you have the burning desire to see my goofy pets. 


Personal Business

Single, legally blind, two different colored eyes, love Yanni but also love rock and roll. I love eating good clean food, painting, playing piano, writing, and coffee from Biggby Coffee. 

My cornea transplants don't have a lifetime warrantee on them. They may stop working at any time. And my vision isn't as good as it used to be (though I have always been legally blind). So I started this print business and am building it up in case I cannot do pet portraits for hire anymore (Already have cut way back on those). 

I work on the art and website mostly by myself but am now working with Pinterest on marketing my work. I hope they will help me grow this business to support my lifestyle and most importantly, my pets. 


Social Media

Facebook - www.facebook.com/cameopaints
Youtube - ameoanderson.com
TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@cameopaints
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/cameoanderson/